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Boarding Terms & Conditions at FURRYTEL are aligned with the requirement set by the Department Of Veterinary Services Malaysia. All our rooms are designed to have their own individual ventilation system. This will also prevent your fur babies from smelling other cats' accents next door, which will help them to feel calm. On top of that, our entire hotel and all rooms are regularly sanitized and disinfected.

On top of that, the health and well-being of all your fur babies that are staying with us are extremely important. Due to that, despite the room design, it is also COMPULSORY for all cat(s) parents to comply with the following requirements.


  1. A COMPLETE & UPDATED VACCINATION RECORD must be presented prior to check-in. A MINIMUM of SEVEN (7) DAYS from the last vaccination jab is a mandatory requirement before check-in. FURRYTEL have the right to refuse admission if there is no proof of vaccination record presented. 

  2. Kittens below 3 months old are not suitable for boarding and will not be accepted at FURRYTEL. Kittens under FOUR (4) MONTHS OLD shall at least have received TWO TIMES of vaccine jabs before boarding. The second vaccine MUST be at least SEVEN DAYS BEFORE the boarding date.

  3. For SENIOR CAT(S) ABOVE TEN (10) YEARS OLD, please present a letter from your vet indicating the cat(s) is healthy and suitable for boarding.

  4. Please be informed that all our rooms have their own individual ventilation system to mitigate all health and safety risks to your fur babies. However, we will not be able to guarantee that they will not get sick.

  5. It is COMPULSORY for all cat(s) parents to agree that the anti-fleas Spot On at least will be applied during check-in. You may choose to bring your own flea treatment of your choice, OR you may choose to buy the anti-fleas Spot On from us. Our team members will be able to help you to apply it on your fur babies after Check-In at a minimal fee.

  6. If your fur babies fall ill or are injured during their stay, FURRYTEL will seek authorization from the cat's parents to organise an examination from a nearby Veterinary. The regular consultation fee and all relevant costs associated with this will be billed and paid before check-out.

  7. FURRYTEL reserves the right to refuse admission to any cats that present the appearance of illness before boarding, such as lethargy, discharging or inflamed eyes, coughing or repeated sneezing or watery nose or cats with a disability to move and require constant care, or when the cat looks untidy or dirty, which is a sign of health problems.

  8. FURRYTEL cannot be held responsible should your cat(s) fall sick during their stay with us, whether or not you are aware that your cat(s) has had a prior underlying health condition.

  9. It is advisable to get your veterinarian's opinion or do a medical check-up before boarding. Adding additional stress to unhealthy cats will lead to or trigger unnecessary health problems.


  1. For non-peak season, Reservations must be cancelled at least five (5) days prior to arrival. Failure to cancel five (5) days prior to arrival will result in the forfeiture of the booking.

  2. For peak season, Reservations must be cancelled at least seven (7) days prior to arrival. Failure to cancel seven (7) days prior to arrival will result in the forfeiture of the booking.

  3. A partial refund will be provided if only part of the reservation can be rebooked. This applies to both non-peak or peak season. 


  1. FURRYTEL's Team will be able to help if your fur babies have medication that needs to be administered on a daily basis. Please feel free to let us know during check-in. 

  2. All medication must be clearly labelled with the type of medication and dosage. Over-the-counter medications must be accompanied by a veterinarian letter indicating a recommended dosage.

  3. Please take note that such service is only available to non-aggressive cats. Extra charges may apply. We have the right to refuse to board your cat(s) if the medication condition was not informed upfront or in advance. 


  1. Personal belongings are left at your own risk, and FURRYTEL is not responsible for any damaged or lost items. Items are to be clearly labelled, or FURRYTEL Team may need to identify them by other means, such as the use of a permanent marker if deemed necessary.

  2. FURRYTEL provides Royal Canin Indoor dry food for all life stages (kitten, adult & mature). We still encourage all cat(s) parents to bring their own food, as we want them to remain on the same diet and feel as comfortable here as they would in their own homes. If the food provided is not sufficient, FURRYTEL will start to introduce Royal Canin Indoor as a top-up. 

  3. FURRYTEL does NOT feed raw meat or raw food. Any cat fed a raw diet is at a higher risk of bacterial poisoning than cats fed a processed diet. We do not recommend feeding raw food at FURRYTEL. 

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